The Case For Cadence - a Story of a Product

Agile Israel 2018 Conference, Tuesday, June 19, 2018, 10:15

One of the key ingredients of a successful product is the fact it brings a real value for its users. So how do we create value ? How do we know we are on the right path? We test our hypothesis and we do it fast.

With high cadence we learn more and make impact.

In this talk Adi will share Fiverr’s experimentation-approach in addressing product challenges and how the cadence plays a significant part in it's succes.

Adi Broza Margolis

Adi Broza Margolis

Product Group Director


Adi Broza Margolis is a Product Director at Fiverr, leading the Algorithms group. Over her past four years at Fiverr she managed several products, from core experience products to ones that influence the marketplace from behind the scenes, leveraging data and algorithms to provide Fiverr’s users with a happy and “satisfying” experience. Prior to Fiverr Adi gained product and marketing experience at 888 holdings.  Adi holds a BSC in Industrial engineering and management from the Technion

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