Data science & Agile - Human-in-the loop

Agile Israel 2018 Conference, Tuesday, June 19, 2018, 14:00

Data science is everywhere today...but fitting it to an Agile development approach is not intuitive and challenging due to it's research nature. a fact that makes it hard to convince decision makers to implement it.

In this talk  We will explore known methodologies and practices to connect Agile and data science - Human-in-the-loop patterns and usage of active learning (for small-scale problems) and transfer learning (for more complicated ones) to balance time, business value on one hand and research quality on the other hand.

Chen Salomon

Chen Salomon

Software architect & Team leader


Chen is a Software architect & Team leader at Playbuzz, the world’s leading content creation platform. He has over a decade of experience in engineering mainly on the server side and he is specializes in high-scale web environments, including caching, CDN, cloud architectures and microservices architectures. In his work in Playbuzz, since the company day-one, Chen worked on the company platform, data pipeline and monetization applications.

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